Kitty Tongue Most Gentle Grooming Tool for Cats

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About Kitty Tongue

Kitty Tongue the Glove gives your cat the natural grooming it craves. Each fur collection pad on the glove has hundreds of soft velcro hooks that mimic cat's tongue loving grooming licks. Traditional grooming products can pull and tear the fur from your cat's coat making grooming scary and uncomfortable to cats. Even rubber tipped products can pull out the living fur making your cats unhappy.

Suggested grooming:
- Can be used standalone for gentle grooming and massage
- Can be used to relax your cat before using more aggressive traditional grooming tools

Kitty Tongue the Glove is the most gentle way to groom and massage your cat while giving your cat lots of loving bonding time with you. Your cat will thank you for it. Pamper your cat during grooming sessions with Kitty Tongue the Glove!

About Us

Who are we? We are a small California based company dedicated to cats and their welfare. I designed the Kitty Tongue Glove for our two rescue cats, Zosia and Kuba, who did not like traditional grooming products. They love it, their friends love it and we hope your kitty friends love it too!

I'm happy to say that our glove is made in the USA with materials sourced in the USA as well. This might be the only grooming tool made in the USA on the market at this time. It is hopefully a start of a new trend :)